An Open Letter To Kesha.

An open letter to Kesha Rose Sebert. (It’s a long one, sorry!)

Dear Kesha,

Thank you. Thank-you for coming back to us. Thank-you for creating more music. Thank-you for coming back with such light and such positivity. Thank you.

As many of my friends know, I have been a fan of yours from day 1. I still have ‘Animal’ on my phone and you will still find my cranking up ‘Dinosaur’ and singing at the top of my lungs. This will never change. When you released ‘Animal’ I was 13. I was a barely a teenager, discovering what type of adult I wanted to be, and because of you, I decided to be fun, outgoing and ready to party. I couldn’t thank you enough for this. I dressed like you, danced like you and wore as much glitter as I could find. I still to this day am a firm believer that glitter can go ANYWHERE and everywhere but I am 20 now, so I try to find as many strategic ways to fit it into my adult life as possible. But, with thanks to you, I DECIDED to be confident, loud and outgoing. This mindset going me through some very low times and so did your music. I couldn’t be sad whilst I was dancing to ‘We R who we R’ or ‘Tik Tok’. My body simply wouldn’t let me be sad. I never got to see you live in concert, but I would put the music full blast in my room and dance, just like I was there at one of your concerts and I would just feel happy again.

This was my phone and laptop wallpaper at the time!

I struggled a lot in High School (Middle School as you would call it, I think), I was 14/15 and put in a few very vulnerable situations, but I put on a front; the happy, care-free, FUCK YOU to all of those people who tried to put me down. This sometimes got me in MORE trouble, but I didn’t care because it got me through.

When I heard about all of the horrible things that happened to you, the struggle, the abuse, the legal fights, I felt sick to my stomach. You wouldn’t know me if you met me in the street, but you were my idol, I wanted to fight for you but at the same time, I felt broken for you.

All those songs about being confident and happy didn’t quite play the same anymore. I felt like a bad fan for still wanting to play your music on full volume and dance, knowing what happened with your producer. But, those songs got me through some very dark times myself, so I continued to dance and sing. I was counting the days, the months, the years, wondering when we would hear new music from you.

I needed your strength and your music between those years, for some reason, other music didn’t quite fill the gap. It didn’t make me feel as carefree and as full of life as your music did.

Then, I heard ‘Praying’.

And I cried. I cried until I couldn’t cry anymore.

You were back.

You seemed different. Good different.

This year, I have been going through a low point. A, kinda, shitty low. Was it my fault I felt this way? Was it someone else’s fault? I wasn’t sure but I just felt so angry at the world, then I heard ‘Praying’. It seemed to be telling me all of the answers I have been searching for. It was a release.

It seemed like you knew I needed you and I needed those lyrics. I really needed those lyrics.

The lyrics, “I can thank you for how strong I have become”, will be forever engraved in my brain.

It was my new favourite song within one listen. I can’t listen to it without crying because I know how real each individual lyric is. It must have been SO hard for you to put that all onto paper, reliving it, turning into such a beautiful song. I need you to understand HOW beautiful that song is, not just for me, not just for your fans, but for you.

I knew this was the start of something. A new era.

Then, you released ‘Woman’. The anthem I KNEW I needed from you. ‘Praying’ was perfect, but I NEEDED a party anthem from you I could turn up to full volume and DANCE again.


As you state, you’re “a motherfucking woman”. No longer a victim of the past. You are a strong, colourful, confident woman. Again, I felt like I could be. I can’t tell you how many times in the past few weeks I’ve played this song and danced around my room. I can’t thank you enough for this.

Today, ‘Learn To Let Go’ was released. The second I stopped watching the new video I started writing this blog. Another powerful song from you. This isn’t just music for making music. This is you telling us your story, and I promise you, we feel it!

I have never been so excited for an album to release in my whole life. ‘Rainbow’ is truly going to go down in history, this will be the album your fans tell their children about.

I hope now, I get to finally see you live in concert (I’m from the UK, so PLEASE make your way over here, there are A LOT of people who want to see you). I feel as though it was fate that I didn’t see you back when I was a teenager, although your music meant a lot to me, I was only aware of my struggles and not yours. I was selfishly using your music as an escape. Now, hopefully, if I see you in concert, I will feel and hear so much more than the music. I will hear your story, as well as mine, in the lyrics.

You may never read this, but if you do, I want you to know I will never be able to thank-you enough for your music.

Continue to share your colour, your positivity, your empowering attitude and your music. I feel like a light in my heart has been switched back on.

Thank you.

*It would mean a lot to me if those who read this could share and tag Kesha and myself on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook so that it may be able to reach her, Kesha if you are reading this… HELLO!*


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